Soul Therapy-is Vibrational Medicine allowing you to Self Heal
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Soul Readings-My guides will connect with you and your soul and spirit.
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-Ascension Process
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Psychic Advisor
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Past Life Regression-Host a group for 6 and receive yours free!
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The largest International Psychic Expo since 1988.
International Psychic Readers doing private Psychic Readings.
Books, Crystals, Free Lectures, & Demonstrations & Prizes.



Best Western Hotel
Stone & Gordon Rds., Guelph
Guelps largest International Psychic Expo,
Psychic Readers, Books, Crystals,
Free Lectures and Demonstrations
with Admission
$8 for weekend
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A unique approach to Health Care
The Wisdom Keepers Soul Experience
Are you ready to take the awakening of your Light Body to the next level and start living Life from an expanded state of consciousness. Here at the Wisdom Keepers Retreat we can help you to do that through various interactive seminars and workshops all designed to assist you in your spiritual growth and accelerating your evolution.

Our Cedar Lodge is multi-functional using it for our workshops and our own version of the modern day Vision Quest and Sweat and for taking TIME OUT. This gives one the opportunity to have the Spirit/ Soul Experience in the safety of the lodge, set in Nature. While one makes themselves available to be guided by Spirit, asking for a vision to show them their Medicine Path (Healing Path) for their spiritual journey.

Visitors here are embraced by the tranquility of the setting and find it easy to settle in and start to let go of the outside fast paced world they have come from. Releasing your busy schedule for quality ME time is sooo rewarding and freeing for your Spirit.

Giving time to YOU is one of The Most Important things you could give yourself, it allows you to Remember Who You Are,  NOT what Life has made you become.
Re-connecting with the Real You is Rewarding and Fulfilling and lets you Tap into YOUR Greater Potential that lies within you, and we give you the opportunity to do that and more.

Take home the tools that you learn at the workshops and inter active seminars to give yourself the Life that you dream about, and start making that happen today, when you book your time for your Spirit/ Soul Experience at The Wisdom Keepers Retreat.

The retreat is surrounded by over 200 hundred acres of beautiful hard and soft wood forests, with the safety of suburbia, where the wild life is a daily occurrence.